My name is Fonsu, after my grandfather. 

He started building this house in 1932 to marry my grandmother Rosita. The stones of the house are from the Fluvia River, which my grandpa would pick up with his cart. He used to tell us how cold those stones were in winter. 

In 1935 my grandparents got married and came to live in the house, yet the outbreak of Civil War changed everything. My grandfather had to leave and my grandmother Rosita was on her own. Soldiers confiscated the property and used it as their headquarters for some time. After the war, they had to start from scratch. They opened a small canteen, a grocer's and a mill for animal fodder. The farmers from the area would travel with their cart and animal to purchase their goods for the week. It was a gathering point to have an anissette, play cardgames and talk about the crops. The farmers' wives would do the shopping with their baskets. 

In 1977 my parents bought Mas Ferran in order to extend the mill business and had to close down the shop and canteen because there was no more profit. 

My family continued living in Can Fonsu until 1996. 

After a careful restoration, we are excited to be open for you.